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A world without horses in the past few hundreds of years is totally unthinkable .On horseback continents have been conquered, farming labour has been revolutionised by horse power and what is a cowboy without a horse?

These days horses are commonly uses for therapy purposes and every horse man or woman appreciates the bond between horse and rider. The grooming of your horse shows your care and strengthens these bonds.

The basic care.
Brushes made in Germany.

 It is our task to produce the best grooming utensils possible.
Every one of our body brushes, every mane brush and every curry are manufactured here in Germany with the guarantee that you are giving your horse the best.




spoga horse - Koeln

Visit us at Spoga Horse!

Hall 11.1, Booth C20

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 Shedding horse hair sticks to your clothes and gets in your eyes and mouth. With the FURminator® …
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